Instagram adds frequently asked questions to your posts

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Instagram has added a new feature to your direct messages by which we can create and configure frequently asked questions and answers.

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A new feature comes to Instagram

Some time ago we let you know that Instagram was going to “redesign” its direct messages. He did it by integrating it, more or less, with the Facebook Messenger app. But, in addition to that, it is also making more and more different improvements.

And today we are talking about one of these improvements since a very interesting new function has arrived to Instagram direct messages. It is about the possibility of configuring frequent and default questions in them.

We can add up to 4 frequently asked questions and choose if we want them to be activated or deactivated

To be able to see this function you will have to access the messages on Instagram, being a company or creator account. When you do this, a message will appear at the top, suggesting you configure the frequently asked questions. These questions will suggest questions to users to ask when starting a chat with us.

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Create FAQ

We can configure these frequently asked questions from the message itself or, later, from the Settings. In any case, the application will guide us so that we can configure and add all those questions that we consider appropriate.

In doing so, the application will show us a screen in which to add the questions we want. We can add a total of 4 different questions and we can choose if we want the questions to be shown when we start a chat with our account.

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We can add the questions we want

It will also inform us that the questions we have set as frequent will appear as a question suggestion when we start a chat with our account. In this way people will know what to ask or what we are willing to answer.

We understand that this function is intended, more than anything, for company accounts and, possibly, influencers. But this does not imply that anyone else can use them. What do you think of this new function that has been added Instagram to your direct messages?


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