Increase your Google storage with Google One: a practical review

Increase your Google storage with Google One: a practical review

Are you running out of maximum free space on your Google products like Google Drive, Gmail and Google Photos? You can expand this storage from 100 GB up to 30 TB with a product called Google One. In this practical review, you will learn how to increase your Google storage with Google One, its pros and cons, and whether the solution is worth it.

Check your existing Google storage limits

As soon as you connect to Google One with your Gmail account, you will notice an option to upgrade your subscription. All Google accounts come with 15 GB of all-inclusive storage that includes your Gmail, Google Drive, and Google Photos apps. The Google One dashboard is definitely a great way to analyze all of your current and future storage needs.

Google One Google 1 Storage Details

In this example, I had a lot of additional storage space despite the use of Gmail from the first day of its arrival, as well as a ton of original photos and videos in Google Photos. Keep in mind that “high quality” images uploaded to Google Photos will not count towards the free storage quota in your Google Account.

Why even consider Google One?

Obviously, for my Google account, I was far enough from exhausting the storage space that was allocated to me. Since you can have multiple Google accounts, why should you even pay for the additional backup? On the one hand, your smartphone can automatically back up only one Google account at a time using the “Backup and synchronization” function. Your remaining accounts can’t do much for managing your photo and video collections.

Google One lowest price 1Google One lowest price 1

Most importantly, the free account can easily run out of storage space when you store lots of photos and videos in original quality. You may also want to move more data from your PC to Google Drive, which has become a multitasking tool for editing and discussing documents / images as well as for online collaboration.

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The lowest price level of Google One covers 100 GB of storage space. Annual plans work even cheaper at less than $ 20 a year. The price is very reasonable since you will not have to do anything else, as each application you use belongs to your Google account.

Even a 100 GB subscription can give your Google Account much more breathing room. You don’t need to think twice to back up as many images / videos in the original resolution as you want. You can also upload a lot of content to Google Drive. For personal use, a 100 GB plan is more than enough. However, for those who have more data needs and for those who want to share Google One with family members, a 200 GB or 2 TB plan may be more appropriate.

Google Maps One Data Hungry 1Google Maps One Data Hungry 1

Benefits of Google One: Adding Family and More

Your Google One account syncs perfectly across all your devices. With at least 100 GB of data, you no longer have to worry about running out of space, whether you’re using an iPhone, Windows 10 laptop, or Android tablet.

The biggest benefit, by far, is the ability to share your additional Google One storage space with family members. You can create a family group with up to six family members from your Google One account.

Google One Family 1 settingsGoogle One Family 1 settings

As a family manager for the family group, you will enjoy many benefits. Your account will remain separate from your Google account, but you can take advantage of the additional storage. You will receive an email when a family member accepts your invitation and can send up to five invitations.

Google One Family Members 1Google One Family Members 1

Do you need to access customer support for all Google products? Google One is probably the cheapest way to have someone from Google chat with you.

Google One Customer SupportGoogle One Customer Support

You can discuss almost any Google issue, such as when you can’t upload files to Google Drive, and the response is extremely quick. It is the first time that I have been able to quickly reach someone on Google regarding a problem. It’s really a great advantage to use Google One!

Google One support chat 1Google One support chat 1

Disadvantages, if any

The first thing you notice is that the additional data you buy does not add up to more than 15 GB of free quota. It looks like you will get 100 or 200 GB of additional storage, but also includes your existing free storage. While there is still enough data to maneuver, it seems like unnecessary advertising.

Google One 1 Extended StorageGoogle One 1 Extended Storage

Another disadvantage that applies to the use of Google One Family is that all family members must be registered in the same country. This is not mentioned anywhere in the help and tutorials and can be a major problem for those living abroad.

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A familiar complaint is that the support may seem a little misdirected towards your needs. Sometimes people who read chats or emails don’t respond with answers that directly solve the problem. Chat support may seem rushed and will quickly redirect you to an FAQ page instead of patiently solving a problem. But that’s probably the way Google does it!

Final Notes

Should you buy Google One? The answer depends on the proximity of your 15 GB quota. If you’re about to do it early enough, there really is no other choice if you don’t want to switch to other cloud providers.

The family affiliation plan is a big problem, but it comes with the endorsement that all family members must live in the same country. In the end, you get more storage space and the luxury of talking to Google support chat. It would have been nice to have a more personal touch! If, on the other hand, you were unable to use your Google storage space, here are some useful Google applications so that you can make full use of your Google Account.


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