In this simple way you can delete workouts from Apple Watch

In this simple way you can delete workouts from Apple Watch

We show you the way to delete workouts from Apple Watch and prevent them from appearing in the main menu along with the rest of the workouts.

delete workouts

So you can delete workouts from Apple Watch

Today we are going to teach you delete workouts from Apple Watch. A good way to remove those training that we are not going to use and prevent more from appearing.

Surely on more than one occasion, you have entered the Trainings app and it has been difficult to find the one you wanted to do. And it is that on the main screen we see the most common workouts and at the top, the ones we do the most. But it is possible that we will see more training than we want.

That is why from APPerlas we are going to show you the way to eliminate all those workouts from the main screen, just as we already showed you the way to power add new workouts.

How to delete workouts from Apple Watch

What we must do is enter the training app that we have installed natively in the Watch. From here we will see all the available workouts that we have at that moment, but surely not all of us use them, so we are going to eliminate the ones we do not want.

To do this, it is as easy as slide the workout to the left and the delete symbol will appear, as seen in the following image …

delete training 1delete training 1

Swipe to the left the one we do not want

In this simple way we will remove the training from the main screen and we can add it from the section of <> that appears in the section below.

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What we achieve with this is to leave on the main screen only those workouts that we use in our day to day life and remove any other that may bother us. So if you were unaware of this function, you can now put it into practice and eliminate all those workouts that you don’t want.


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