In iOS 14.3 we can run custom shortcuts faster

In iOS 14.3 we can run custom shortcuts faster

The iOS 14.3 beta brings a very important improvement with which we can run our custom Shortcuts more quickly.

The iOS Shortcut app

Along with the widgets, some of the most outstanding novelties of iOS 14, are the Shortcuts. Thanks to them, we can personalize and automate our devices iOS Y iPadOS to get much more out of them in a more efficient way.

And, while they have proven to be quite useful, there is a rather significant downside to Shortcuts customized. Although they are properly executed, they have to go through the app Shortcuts before it finishes running.

In iOS 14.3 the Shortcuts app will not open when running Custom Shortcuts

This what iOS Y iPadOS do by default is a bit cumbersome on a visual level and has raised some complaints among users. But, from the looks of it, Manzana He has listened to those complaints and has a solution to this “problem.”

This has become known thanks to one of the iOS 14.3 betas. This future update of the operating system will bring important news, such as the recommendation of third-party apps when setting up new devices. But not only that, but also fix the aforementioned “bug” of the Shortcuts.

siri 4 shortcutssiri shortcuts 4

IPhone Personalization with Shortcuts

From that update to iOS Y iPadOS, and if the function is maintained when the final version arrives, it will no longer be necessary to open the Shortcuts application when we want to run a custom Shortcut.

Once we run a Custom Shortcut from the home screen, the Shortcut it will run directly and we will only see a notification at the top of the screen that will inform us that the Shortcut selected is running.

siri shortcuts siri shortcuts

Shortcuts for Apple Watch

This new way of opening our Shortcuts custom makes using them more visually appealing. Something that can be very useful for those Shortcuts from the home screen from which we open a specific application using a custom image.

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This news is undoubtedly very positive since we see how Manzana is paying more and more attention to the community. What do you think of this novelty that will come with iOS 14.3?


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