Improve Instagram posts and reach more people

Improve Instagram posts and reach more people

We show you how to improve Instagram posts and thus be able to reach an even larger audience than we do.

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So you can improve your Instagram posts

Today we are going to teach you improve Instagram posts. Undoubtedly, a trick that very few know, but that we can start putting into practice right now.

When we post on Instagram, we always want to reach as many people as possible. Perhaps this is our ambition in this social network, to be able to reach an even larger audience and that many more people can see our photos or videos. That is why there are several techniques to carry out this process.

We at APPerlas or we are going to show you how to do it, so that you can reach an even larger audience with this trick.

How to improve Instagram posts

The process is very simple, we just have to follow the same steps that we follow to make a publication. And it will be at this point, just before publishing it, when we can put into practice the trick we are talking about.

When we are in the final section to share, we must click on the tab that we see at the bottom with the name of <>.

Instagram posts 1posts from Instagram 1

Click on advanced settings

Click and enter this section. We will see that several options appear, but the one that interests us is that of <>.

Instagram posts 2posts from Instagram 2

Enter the alternative text section

Click on this and all the photos that we have included in this publication will appear. What we must do is write each of these photos, the subject of the photo we are sharing. In this way, when someone searches for something in the search engine, which is related to what we are sharing, we will have a better chance of appearing.

With this trick, we manage to position keywords that people usually search for on Instagram. Without a doubt, a very good trick to reach an even larger audience.


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