Important security update on iOS, iPadOS and WatchOS

Important security update on iOS, iPadOS and WatchOS

Apple launches by surprise new updates of their operating systems when encountering a major security flaw. Feel free to install it as soon as possible.

New versions for all Apple devices

If you do not follow us on social networks, or the update balloon has not appeared in the app Settings of your devices, surely you have not found out that there is a new update for your iPhone, iPad Y Manzana Watch.

We all hoped to make the leap from iOS 14.4.1 to version iOS 14.5 but, surprisingly, Manzana released a version prior to the long-awaited 14.5.

When they do this type of release, we always recommend updating since they all denote, above all, security flaws in the system. That is why we recommend you install it as soon as possible the better.

Security fixes arrive with iOS 14.4.2, iPadOS 14.4.2, iOS 12.5.2, iPadOS 12.5.2, and WatchOS 7.3.3:

The legend of these new versions for the different devices of Manzana, informs us that it is an update that offers important security updates.

iOS 14.4.2

iOS 14.4.2

The security documents of Manzana refer to vulnerabilities through CVE-ID when possible.

The impact this had on versions prior to the 14.4.2 was that malicious web content processing could generate universal cross-site scripts. ManzanaUpon learning of a report that this issue may have been actively exploited, it has immediately released this new update to correct that security issue.

That is why we strongly recommend that you update as soon as possible.

As we indicated in the headline, there is also a new update for devices with iOS 12. That is why if you have an iPad or iPhone that stayed on that version of iOS, we recommend updating.

And as always, once you have the new version of the operating system installed, we recommend reboot your updated device. In the previous link we explain why.

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