iMessage is much more secure since the iOS 14.4 update

iMessage is much more secure since the iOS 14.4 update

The app native instant messaging iPhone, iMessage, it is now much more secure after the update iOS 14.4.

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iMessage is a more secure app

iMessage es is a well-known and unknown app. It is his own instant messaging app Manzana for devices iOS. And, although it comes pre-installed on all devices, in Spain and other countries it is used rather little in favor of WhatsApp Y other apps, mainly due to the fact that it is only compatible with devices iOS.

But, as a result of the controversy that arose around WhatsApp, it may be time to start using it. And not only for that, but for the news that we are going to comment on today and that is, thanks to iOS 14.4, iMessage it has become a much more secure app.

By the looks of it, with iOS 14.4, Manzana has added an extra layer of protection to iMessage. It has been some time since all the applications of Manzana run in a secure environment by default, but with this new protection, iMessage it will be much safer.

iMessage is much more secure as of iOS 14.4

The way that Manzana has implemented more security in iMessage is quite curious. From now on, without accessing the messages or the information, if there is any malicious element that accompanies the message, it will not interact in any way with the operating system.


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Thus, iMessage it becomes practically invulnerable and cannot be used to execute any type of malicious element, whatever it may be, as has happened before. For example, with messages that blocked devices.

Knowing all this, maybe it’s time to start considering iMessage. And, perhaps, it would also be time to Manzana to make this native app so safe and effective compatible with other operating systems to expand its user base.


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