iMessage, another application renewed in iOS 15. Much more interactive

iMessage, another application renewed in iOS 15. Much more interactive

The truth is that we cannot complain. The native messaging app It has also been renovated in iOS 15 with important improvements that customers thank Manzana.

What’s new in iMessage in iOS 15

With the new evolution of iMessage we can combine the messaging of our friends with shortcuts to other applications to improve the user experience. We can hear in Manzana Music a playlist that they just sent us so that we can decide if we like it and want to add it to our music. Photos, Safari, ApplePodcasts or AppleTV are other applications that can be integrated into this function of recommendations shared.

If you are a client of the messaging application Manzana, the new of iMessage you will like.

iMessage in iOS 15 greatly improves the interaction with our contacts:

On Spain not used as in USES, but there the WhatsApp or Telegram they hardly even know what it is and they use iMessage to communicate … that’s why almost 90% of Americans have iPhone… And it’s not a joke. Everything revolves around the color of the “bubbles” in your iPhone: blue (you are inside) or green (you are Android). I know for sure.

iMessage interface in iOS 15

IMessage interface in iOS 15

Personally, I like it more and more and I use it regularly. If I know the other person has a iPhone, I usually conuminate myself by iMessage… Between the lack of privacy of WhatsApp So what Telegram I don’t like it very much, I always use the iMessage.

I do not understand how little use it is given in Spain, the messages of Manzana They are the best they have. I believe that it has not yet been discovered or exploited by the consumers of the company Cupertino. People complain about how closed it is Manzana, but what they do not know is that thanks to this “closure”, there is that protection of the user and their privacy. iMessage it is the safest there is.

What messaging app do you use?


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