If you want to know where Santa Claus is going 2020, we tell you how

If you want to know where Santa Claus is going 2020, we tell you how

We tell you the way to know, live, where is Santa 2020 going. A way to make the smallest of the house know where the most beloved bearded man of Christmas is going.

Where is santa claus going

The Christmas dates arrive and with them the illusion of the children. And what better than to have them entertained knowing the exact place where Santa Claus is. Places where you will deliver gifts to the children who have behaved best this year. A Web App that will delight the little ones and, why not, the older ones too.

Thanks to Google, We can find out by visiting a page created expressly for it. Without a doubt, it is one of the most visited pages in the world, during the day Dec. 24.

Christmas is coming and with it the visit, to our homes, of one of the most beloved icons on the planet.

How to know where Santa Claus is going 2020, from the iPhone and iPad:

To access the exact location of Santa Claus, you must visit the page that we link at the bottom. We can see your location on Dec. 24, not before, but we can play and do many Christmas activities on this website while we wait for you to leave your village.

On the 24th, if you have already gone out to distribute gifts, as soon as you access it we will see the exact location of where it is.

There goes Santa Claus

There goes santa claus

To know how long until Santa Claus start the trip, you have to look at the little square that appears in the upper right part of the screen. In our case there are still 2 days left. As the moment approaches, that clock will reduce the time.

If it has not yet left or you have it very far from your population, as we have said before, Santa claus It allows you to play a multitude of games that appear on the web below.

Christmas GamesChristmas games

Christmas games

Games to kill time while we wait for our beloved fat man to visit our home. We can do a selfie with Santa, create an elf, guide the ball, play elf skiing … a multitude of adventures and activities that will entertain the little ones on a day as important as the day of Good night.

Now comes the time to know the web that will tell us where in the world our favorite bearded man is. Click below to access it:

See location map of Santa Claus

Without further ado and wishing you the best for this Christmas, we are waiting for you in future articles where you will find the best news, apps, tutorials … to get the most out of your devices iOS.



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