If you liked Fruit Ninja download now its sequel FRUIT NINJA 2

If you liked Fruit Ninja download now its sequel FRUIT NINJA 2

Whether or not you’ve played the classic game of ios Fruit ninja, we recommend you download Fruit ninja 2. A game that has everything you need to have a good time.

Fruit Ninja 2 for iPhone and iPad

IPhone games there are thousands and thousands, but games that have contributed something to the world of «gamingThere are few. We remember titles like Flappy bird, angry Birds, Candy crash… Are some of the games that have contributed new techniques or ways of playing to the universe of apps.

One of them is also Fruit ninja. This classic is among the 50 most downloaded games ever on the App Store and it was a before and after in the game format. Being able to cut and play by simply sliding your finger across the screen was a breakthrough that many games have copied since then.

Today we present its second part, which brings news that you are sure to love.

Fruit Ninja 2 for iPhone and iPad:

This sequel follows in the wake of its predecessor. With your finger we will have to cut the fruits that are entrusted to us in each level.

Fruti Ninja 2 Menu

Fruti Ninja 2 Menu

It has different game modes that will make us spend hours and hours of fun. As you can see in the image above, there are a large number of game modes, among which the Leagues stand out.

In them, we can compete in multiplayer qualifying games to obtain epic rewards. This game mode is activated when we get an experience of level 4. You can see the experience in the upper left part of the screen.

Game interface

Game interface

The graphics have improved and now everything looks much better and the strokes of our finger are much more accurate and precise.

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The truth is that it is one of those games that we must always carry around for those moments of boredom or waiting that we all suffer daily.

Download game

Greetings and see you shortly with more and better apps.

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