If you have trouble making decisions, use this app to decide and make raffles

If you have trouble making decisions, use this app to decide and make raffles

If you are one of the people who have a hard time making a decision, today we are talking about a app to decide that it will be your salvation. It will help you choose between the options you have quickly and effectively.

App to decide and carry out raffles

App to decide and carry out raffles

If you are undecided Pick me It will come from pearls. It is an application that allows you to enter the variables from which you have to choose to, by means of a roulette, list, draw … indicate one of them randomly. One of the iPhone apps most interesting we have tried lately.

It is an application that we use to make raffles on the web. It works luxury and although you have in-app purchases, only with the free version you can do a lot of things.

Here we explain everything.

Pick Me, an app to decide between a multitude of variables:

It is a very simple tool to use and configure.

PickMe main screen, the app to decidePickMe main screen, the app to decide

Pick Me main screen, the app to decide

Upon entering we find pre-established lists that we can use to test the application. Clicking on the option Wheel that appears at the bottom of the screen and then selecting one of those lists from the button that appears just above the roulette, by pressing on Tap to Draw We will see how the wheel turns and randomly select one of the variables from the list.

If we want to add a personalized list by ourselves, we will have to press the list button, which in the previous photo we can see with the name “Ideas for eating out”.

A menu will appear from which we can manage the available lists and options to create new ones, import, paste and edit. Of all the options we are interested in «New List».

Click the NEW LIST optionClick the NEW LIST option

Press the NEW LIST option

By pressing on it we can add all the variables or options that we want. We put the name of the list and, after that, we put down the variables that we want (The “Weight” option that appears on the right can be configured but only works in the PRO version of the app).

Add the variables you wantAdd the variables you want

Add the variables you want

Once we have it we select the option Wheel, we choose the created list and click on the button Tap to Draw for roulette to choose for us.

App to decide between multiple variablesApp to decide between multiple variables

App to decide between multiple variables

The app for raffles. Different ways to choose an option or winner:

Random Draw ModesRandom Draw Modes

Random draw modes

Apart from roulette we have other mechanisms of choice. They all appear in the bottom menu of the screen, next to the option of Wheel of which we have already spoken:

  • Shuffle: It allows us to create an order of choice. The result of the draw will show the elections in an order.
  • Draw: Make the draw and it will only show the winning variable.
  • Group: It will allow us to create groups of «x» components and will distribute in them the different variables that we have put.
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A great application to make decisions and carry out raffles. If you want to have it on your iPhone we pass the download link below:

Download Pick Me


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