If you have this iPhone say goodbye to WhatsApp from today

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If you have this iPhone that we are going to tell you about right now, say goodbye to WhatsApp because it will stop working from today.

say goodbye to WhatsApp

If you have this device … say goodbye to WhatsApp

Today we talk about WhatsApp and iPhone. And it is that after its latest version, it has been known that a certain model of iPhone will not be able to enjoy this messaging service.

We all know, although it is true that they last a long time, an iPhone has a certain expiration date. This does not mean that a day will come and it will stop working. What we mean by this is that there comes a day when it no longer receives any more updates and therefore stops having service.

This does not have to be a problem, but the problem comes when the apps are updated to those operating systems. And this is what has happened to WhatsApp after its last update.

If you have this iPhone say goodbye to WhatsApp

But now you may be wondering ‘Okay, but which iPhone is that?’ Well that iPhone is neither more nor less than the 4s. Yes, this device is still used by many users, but remember that it stayed in the latest version of iOS 9.

What happens is that WhatsApp has updated its app and now it can only be used on devices with iOS 10 or higher. Therefore, the iPhone 4s is totally out of this game.. This does not mean that you cannot use this app, you can continue doing it without problem.

say goodbye to WhatsApp 1say goodbye from WhatsApp 1

iPhone 4s without WhatsApp

One drawback that you may find is that you will not have the new features that are implemented in the application and therefore, you will not be able to use them. Another thing that can happen to you is that the day comes when WhatsApp stops working, because if you don’t have the version that they mark for you, the app doesn’t work.

Whatever the reason, the best you can do is not update for the moment, if you also have no thought of changing devices.


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