If you have an Apple Watch, disable this feature on iPhone

If you have a Apple Watch, can disable the following iPhone function and thus be able to save battery in this device.

Deactivate an iPhone function and save battery

Deactivate an iPhone function and save battery

Today we are going to give you a little trick to save battery on iPhone. All this thanks to Apple Watch, so if you have one, you are in luck.

It is no longer so rare to see people with a smart watch. And it is that little by little they have been implemented in society to the point of seeing something so normal. But if there is any smart watch that stands out above the rest, this is the Apple Watch. It is a device similar to the rest, but whose functions make it stand out from the competition.

It also makes the battery in our iPhone it lasts much longer, and with this advice that we are going to give you next, we will ensure that it still lasts much longer.

Deactivate the following function of the iPhone if you have an Apple Watch:

The function we are talking about is that of Ā«Sports monitoringĀ». Have this option activated, having a Apple Watch it is true nonsense.

We say it is silly, because the watch Manzana It is capable of carrying your sports tracking on its own, it also does it in a very efficient way. Having this function activated in the iPhone, will cause the battery to drain much faster. Therefore, why do we want a function that does not serve us activated?

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To deactivate it, it is as simple as going to Settings / Privacy / Physical activity / Sports monitoring.

iPhone Function 1iPhone Function 1

Disable sports tracking

Here we will have to deactivate this option and that’s it. Now him Apple Watch It will be in charge of carrying out our sports monitoring, which, as we have mentioned, does it more efficiently. We can also disable this function of the iPhone even if we don’t have the watch.

So here is a new trick or tip, so you can save a little more battery on your iPhone.

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