If you don’t know which iPhone 12 model to buy, we help you decide

If you don't know which iPhone 12 model to buy, we help you decide

I’ve been asked that question a lot lately. I get it … People don’t know what iPhone buy from the 4 models that have been presented this year.

Colors of the iPhone 12 range

It is the first time, and I think it will not be the last, that Manzana have so many phones of the same family, for sale. But what I do believe is that next time we will find greater differences between them. And I say this because currently there are not many: the size, the cameras and the drums (influencing the size).

On the market, we currently have several iPhone for sale, ranging from iPhone I KNOW, with a 4.7 ”screen, at iPhone 12 Pro Max, with 6.7 ”front. And the family of the iPhone 12, all screen, has the 12 Mini, with 5.4 ”, the 12 Y 12 Pro, both with 6.1 ”and the iPhone 12 Pro Max, with 6.7 “. The screen quality of the family of iPhone 12, it’s the same.

iPhone 12 is the best value for money:

Yes, you can stop reading and run to buy the best iPhone that, for me, there is in the market. The iPhone 12. But read on if you really want to know why I think it is… I would.

Mauve iPhone 12

iPhone 12 in mauve color

With the pandemic and the obligation of having to take out a phone a year, the difference between the 12 and the 12 Pro is a camera and 2 GB of RAM … Come on, a difference that you do not notice unless you take a lot of photos or that you use the mobile in a professional way and notice the RAM. I use it to work sometimes and I don’t really notice the difference.

The size of both is the same, the battery is the same (the 12, having less RAM, lasts a bit longer, but both comply), but the construction materials do not and make the 12 lighter.

For all the above and for the price, I advise the iPhone 12, in addition to having the A14 chip, which has a lot of efficiency and many years of updates, about 5 at least.

I have the iPhone 12 Pro because they gave it to me and I returned the one I had, but I bought the iPhone 12 in blue and would buy it again. In fact the new mauve tempts me a lot.

Which one do you have?


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