If you are going to buy Airtags this trick will make you receive them sooner

If you are going to buy Airtags this trick will make you receive them sooner

If you are one of the users who are going to buy AirTags We will tell you a way to receive them before. Given the great flood of orders, the delivery dates are being delayed but if you follow our advice you will make them arrive before other people.

Buy AirTags

We have encouraged ourselves to buy a AirTag to make you the unboxing and show you how it works. Nothing else went on the market, on Friday, April 23 at 2:00 p.m.We were already in the process of buying one.

We enter the application Apple Store and we configure our purchase. But what was our surprise that, even though we were among the first to buy this new and small location device, we were going to receive the order on May 17th. The truth is that we were somewhat perplexed and we were discouraged by the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčthinking that we were going to be one of the last to perform the review of the product.

But the light went on for us and we did what we tell you below so that it would reach us as soon as possible.

Buy Airtags and have the order arrive as soon as possible:

What we did was cancel the order placed and, again, re-run the configuration of a new AirTag. But this time what we didn’t do was add a custom engraving. By doing this you avoid queuing your product to be recorded since most buyers have been encouraged to do so.

Airtags order canceled

Airtags order canceled

Keep in mind that each engraving must go through the necessary machinery to personalize the device and if you do not configure it for that to happen, the product will arrive before you since all that waiting time will be skipped.

It is true that a AirTag without customizing is somewhat “bland”, but keep in mind that each of them is encoded with our data from Manzana and even if we lose it, it will only work with our apple devices.

In addition, when it comes to selling it, in case you want to get rid of them, a AirTag not personalized than one that, for example, has the initials of the person who bought it in the first stay.

We hope we have helped you receive your AirTag and that you share it with all those people who may be interested in this article.



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