If Spotify doesn’t open on iPhone, this is the solution

If Spotify doesn't open on iPhone, this is the solution

We show you the solution to that problem, when Spotify does not open on the iPhone and constantly closes without being able to do anything at all.

Spotify does not open

If Spotify won’t open, follow these steps and fix the problem

Today we are going to show you a trick, to continue using the app Spotify when it doesn’t open. Something unusual, but that has already happened to many users and the app stops working.

If you have ever tried to open the Spotify app and it has closed itself, we will give you the solution. And it seems that there is some kind of problem with this app, which closes unexpectedly and although we uninstall it and reinstall it, it does not work and closes equally.

That is why in APPerlas we are going to give you the solution to this error, so that your app continues to work properly and without unexpected closings.

If Spotify doesn’t open on iPhone, follow these steps

What we must do is free the RAM memory of our device. Something that many users do not know what their iPhone does, but that from time to time it is very good that we do.

The process is very simple, although with the arrival of the iPhone X, this was a bit more complicated, but still we are going to explain everything step by step:

  1. We must completely remove the Spotify app.
  2. Now we hold down the button to turn off the iPhone, which is the same as the lock and unlock button.
  3. When the screen to turn off appears, we must keep the Home button pressed until it takes us to the home screen.
  4. We have already released RAM memory and we can reinstall the app and we will see that it works.

This process can be done with any iPhone that has a Home button, in the case of iPhone X and higher, this is a little more complex. For this we must make use of Assitive Touch.

But to make everything much easier for you, we are going to leave a video for all those who have an iPhone X or higher, which explains the whole process. Once we have done this process, we can reinstall the app without problems, because it will work again.

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Video explaining how to free RAM memory from iPhone X or higher


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