If alarms not configured by you sound on the iPhone, here is the solution

If alarms not configured by you sound on the iPhone, here is the solution

We are going to explain how to eliminate alarms not set on iPhone. It is something that usually happens to many users of iOS and to what today we are going to solve.

Eliminate unconfigured alarms from iPhone

Many people with iPhone have suffered from unconfigured alarms that go off, for example, every day at 6 in the morning. This is something that usually happens when you buy a 2nd hand iPhone that it has not been restored or when you configure something in the terminal that you later forget that you have done it.

Today we are going to respond to many who have told us that this problem happens to you. In fact we are going to give you four possible solutions that we hope will help you.

Alarms not configured on the iPhone. If you do not have the alarms activated and they sound, here is the solution:

If you look in the comments of this video dedicated to the iPhone alarm, you will see the number of people who ask us about this topic:

That is why we have started our problem solving machine and here we are going to give you the solutions:

Disable iPhone Sleep feature:

You may have the function configured “Dream” of iOS and it is the reason why that alarm sounds without your wanting it. To deactivate it, you will access the Alarms of your iPhone and you will click on “Change”.

Access the iOS SLEEP function

Access the SLEEP feature of iOS

Now you are going to go down completely, on that same screen, and you are going to click on «Edit sleep schedule». Doing so will bring up this menu.

Options for the SLEEP function

SLEEP function options

Now you simply have to deactivate the option “Sleep schedule”. This way you will stop using this function “Dream” of iOS.

Check the Reminders and Calendar app:

Possibly in these native applications you can have a daily alarm activated to remind you of an event that, possibly, you have not configured or you have done and you do not remember. Take a look at them and remove everything that matches the alarms you want to remove.

In this video we also show you how to remove possible alarms created by subscription calendars:

Verify that you do not have any third-party app that activates the alarm:

In the App Store we know there are all kinds of iPhone apps. That is why you may have one installed. Our recommendation is that you verify if you have any third-party app that can cause this situation.

Get rid of unconfigured alarms by resetting iPhone settings:

If the previous way to eliminate that alarm has not worked for you, many users when clicking on the option “Hola”, found in Settings / General / ResetThey fixed the problem and the alarm they didn’t want to go off never went off again.

Reset iPhone settings to remove unconfigured alarms

Reset iPhone settings to remove unconfigured alarms

If it doesn’t work out, the only trick you have left is restore iPhone completely. Of course, if you do, remember to make a backup of everything you have in the iPhone such as photos, videos, etc …

We hope we have helped you resolve the “X-Files” of unconfigured alarms sounding.



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