I want to turn my fingerprint sensor into a tiny touchpad.

I want to turn my fingerprint sensor into a tiny touchpad.

I’m looking for pointers on how to accomplish this pretty specific thing, I know the fingerprint sensor is capable of tracking finger movement so Id like to write (or find) some software that could turn this capability into a mini thumb touchpad (similar to the one of the GPD Pocket 2 if anyone is familiar with it, I can’t think of anywhere else I’ve seen one).

Why would I want to do this? A few reasons,

1. It would be really cool obviously what other reason do you need, but,
2. The laptop is a 13 inch and when it’s squished between my knees and chest in bed it can be hard to reach the touchpad comfortably (not *too* hard of course), and I just feel flicking it around with my thumb would be more efficient in some situations.
3. Mainly, as you see from the image below, it wastes the space of a key on my small keyboard and I’d really like to put it to better use (or make this a fun project).

An identical sensor to my own is pictured below:

My laptop is a HP Envy 13-ba0xxx if anyone is interested and if anything comes of this.


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