I Am Innocent is an intriguing and mysterious interactive game

I Am Innocent is an intriguing and mysterious interactive game

I Am Innocent is a game of mistery interactive quite different from the App Store games we are used to.

Interesting interactive game for iPhone and iPad

At App Store we have games for all tastes, more now with Apple Arcade. And, although there are some cut by a very similar pattern, there are some that really surprise. This is the case of the game we are talking about today which is nothing like any that we have played before.

The game is called I Am Innocent And, although it is an intriguing mystery game, it is not similar to almost any since it is an interactive game. We will see this as soon as we start playing since it is based on a smartphone.

I Am Innocent has mini-games that we will have to complete to advance in the story

On the smartphone we find many of the functions that we would find on our own phone: calls, messages or internet access. And from all these functions that we find in the smartphone we will have to advance in the game.

i am innocent interactive game iphone ipad 2

One of the chats in the game

We will begin by receiving a series of acquaintances and friends, but also some quite disturbing. These messages will come from a man who has been kidnapped and has received our contact as his only salvation, as well as from the kidnapper.

The character we control will have to respond to these messages and make decisions. You will also use very useful help such as contacts and passwords and you will have to obtain information by hacking devices. All to be able to solve this mystery and be able to discover, in some of the different endings that there are, what really happens. Interesting, truth?

i am innocent interactive game iphone ipad 3

Minigames that we must complete to advance

This game can be downloaded completely free of charge and, although it has in-app purchases, they are only for faster progress so they are not mandatory at all. If you like adventure games we recommend you download it.

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Download this interactive mystery game


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