Hue, a very colorful platform game for iPhone and iPad

Hue, a very colorful platform game for iPhone and iPad

Hue is a colorful platform game that has a very interesting story behind it perfect for any time we can play.

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Cool and eye-catching platform game

At App Store all kinds of apps. But one of its most popular categories is undoubtedly games. There are them for all tastes and of all kinds, and today we come to talk about a very striking platform game.

The game we are talking about is called Hue And, as we have commented, it is a platform game. In it, we have to go through different dodging and avoiding different obstacles, all to find different colors of a color palette.

Hue has a very interesting story that makes playing much more entertaining

And why do you have to find the different colors? Because the game world is gray and to get ahead we have to make use of the different colors that we find since if not, we will not be able to avoid or visualize some obstacles. Not only will it be necessary to use a single color, but it may also be necessary to play with more than one color at a time.

hue game colors iphone ipad 4hue game colors iphone ipad 4

The first color we discover is blue

And this is where the story of the game comes into play since, throughout the different levels, we will receive cards. In them we will discover that someone is trapped outside our perception and, to rescue them, we need to make use of colors and restore color to the world. Will you pass all the levels and delve into the history of the game?

hue game colors iphone ipad 5hue game colors iphone ipad 5

Will you get all the colors?

The game Hue It can be downloaded for free, but we can only play the first level as a test. If we like it, we will have to purchase the full version of the game for € 5.49. If you like platform games, we recommend you download it as we are sure you will like it both for the type of game and for its history.

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Download this platform game and delve into its history

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