How to write articles without having a blog. Do it with TELEGRA.PH

How to write articles without having a blog. Do it with TELEGRA.PH is a service of Telegram that allows us write articles without having or belonging to a blog., a Telegram service, a Telegram service

Telegram just brought to the fore, A platform where we can write what we want, when we want and from wherever we want. If you are one of the people who likes to write and has never been into it, this is a very good opportunity to create and share all your writing.

It is no longer necessary to belong to a blog or own one, to write what you want. A good thing of is that we can write about anything and not be afraid that someone will criticize us for it. We may share our ideas or thoughts anonymously.

We think this is good because it takes away the fear of saying what we really think. But this can be a double-edged sword since there will be people who can get to use this platform in different ways, for example to do damage.

We are in the first steps of and we don’t know how people will use it. We see great potential in terms of a platform to share articles in which to talk about current affairs, give our point of view on any topic, explain, teach …

How to write articles in

To access the service and write an article, you must enter

The interface offered by this service Telegram It is very, very simple. In a iPhone it looks like this:

Write articles in Telegra.phWrite articles in

Write articles on

As you can see, we only have 3 fields: TITLE, NAME and HISTORY.

He Title it is important that it be written as it will make the platform create our Url personalized.

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In Name it is not necessary to put it.

The History is the text of our article. From the first paragraph we can introduce text, photos and video links, tweets, news …

How to write articles on Telegra.phHow to write articles on

Enter photos, links …

Once the article is written, we give you to publish (PUBLISH) and this will be published. Only then can we re-edit the written content. Once we get out of we will not be able to edit it again. That is why it is very important to thoroughly review the writing before leaving it.

Write articles without blogWrite articles without blog

Check before posting

When we have checked that everything is fine and published, we copy the URL and share it wherever we want.

Write articles and share themWrite articles and share them

Write articles and share them

We will send our article to friends, family, contacts, followers … through applications such as Whatsapp, Telegram, Facebook, Twitter …

You no longer have an impediment to writing articles.

A great idea of ​​the CRACK of Telegram.


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