How to watch Instagram stories without them knowing [2020]

How to watch Instagram stories without them knowing [2020]

We are going to tell you which is the most effective and comfortable method to see Instagram stories without their creator knowing that you have seen them.

View Instagram stories without a trace

See Instagram stories without a trace

It is a lifelong classic to be able to view content undetected. Many people want to keep their privacy to avoid giving away that they have seen, for example, stories of Instagram from a friend, family member, colleague…. For whatever reason, there are users who want that extra privacy.

We already tell you how to see Whatsapp status without being detected And today we are going to tell you the best way to do the same on Instagram.

That if we warn that it will only work on public profiles. If you want to see the statuses of a private account you can do it but for this you will need, beforehand, the consent of that person.

How to see Instagram stories without being seen:

There are numerous apps and websites that allow us to access this content anonymously, but it is somewhat cumbersome to be constantly accessing our web browser to view the stories. Also, they only work with public profiles and don’t always show the stories these users post.

That is why the best way to see Instagram stories without leaving a trace that it was you, it is very simple. You simply have to create a new Instagram account to perform that act. This will record that you have seen someone’s stories but not with your main Instagram account. What is simple?

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To create a new account in this social network you simply have to do the following:

  • Keep pressing the icon of your profile, in the lower menu that appears in the Instagram app.
Create a new account from that optionCreate a new account from that option

Create a new account from that option

  • Click on “Add account”.
  • Now click on “Create account” and fill in the protocol to have a new account.

The ideal and most recommended is that we do not put our name or anything that gives us. That is why it would be convenient to invent a name and add info and photo that will never reveal our identity.

In this way, every time you want to see Instagram stories without a trace, you must change your account for it.

If you want to see the stories from a private profile, you can try to get that person to accept your request to allow them to see their photos and stories. If it does not allow you, you can always try to see their stories with your main account in the way that we explain in the following tutorial, how to watch Instagram Stories without a trace.

How to change Instagram account quickly:

To do this you must do the same as the first step we have discussed to create a new account. Hold down the icon of your profile that appears in the bottom menu of the screen and select the “spy account” that you have created.

Alternatives to watch Stories without a trace:

If you think that what we have explained to you is a bit heavyYou can enter the following websites to see the stories without being detected.

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In them we must enter the user names to access their stories. Remember that you can only see the Stories of public accounts.

We hope this tutorial serves you and, as always, if you liked it and found it interesting, share it on your favorite social networks and messaging apps.



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