How to watch free Netflix content from our device

How to watch free Netflix content from our device

We show you the way to watch all the free Netflix content from our devices and enjoy everything without any problem.

free from Netflix

So you can watch free Netflix content

Today we are going to teach you watch free Netflix content. A great way to check how the service works, without having to subscribe.

On more than one occasion we have been tempted by a Netflix subscription. Although it is true that if it is the first time, we can enjoy this service totally free during the first month. But it is possible that many users do not want to enter their data, even if they know that they will charge us nothing.

For all this, Netflix has chosen to offer us certain content for free. In this way, we can see how everything works and if we like what we see, get those subscription.

How to watch free Netflix content

The process is very simple and for this, from the same platform they give us a Web address in which all the content that we have available for free is housed.

Once we have accessed the web itself, we will see that the option to register appears at the top, but if we scroll down, we begin to see all the content that we have for free.

free from Netflix 1free from Netflix one

Select what you want to see

In this section, we have series at the level of Stranger Things, among others. Ideal to see the level of the content and, with total security, to be able to register to enjoy at least that month free.

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Therefore, if you had any kind of doubt about whether or not to create a Netflix account, this is a good way to test the service without having to give any personal information.

Important, right now from the iPhone web browser we will not be able to see this content. We must do it from a desktop version or from an Android device.

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