How to watch FREE movies on iPhone and iPad, legally

How to watch FREE movies on iPhone and iPad, legally

If you are a person who wants to see free movies on iPhone and iPadWe are going to talk about an app that will provide them to you for free. A streaming video platform that will also allow viewing that content on more devices.

Free Movies on iPhone and iPad

Free movies on iPhone and iPad

The day has come to tell you about “Spotify of the movies”. Rakuten TV It is a platform where we can rent and buy movies and series. But it will also allow us to watch movies totally free, that is, with ads. One of the iPhone and iPad applications They should not be missing on your device.

In this life nobody gives away anything and this online video service is based on the technique of Spotify in order to bring free content to all users. We can say that we can watch movies and series as we have always done on television, with advertisements interspersed in the broadcast.

Apart from the known Netflix, HBO, Manzana TV, Quibi… we have this interesting platform to enjoy movies and series.

How to watch free movies on iPhone and iPad, thanks to Rakuten TV:

In the following video we show you what the application is basically like. It appears in one of our Apps compilations that we share every month on our Youtube. If when you click on play, the app does not appear directly, which it should do, we tell you that we started talking about it from the minute 0:27.

If you want to see more videos like this click below to subscribe to our Youtube channel APPerlas TV.

The first thing we have to do to watch movies for free is sign up for the service. For this we enter the app and register with an email.

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Once we have created our user, we will have access to his entire catalog.

Rakuten TV main screenRakuten TV main screen

Rakuten TV main screen

As you can see there is a lot of variety but if you do not want to spend money, your section is the option «Free» that appears in the bottom menu of the screen. In it we have access to all the free series and movies that we can see.

Free MoviesFree Movies

Free Movies

Obviously the content that we can enjoy in that section, is not that it is very current, but it comes from pearls to be able to spend some time watching a film.

When choosing the video that we want to see, click on it and we will see that at the bottom it warns us that we can see it without paying but with the inclusion of advertisements.

Free movie on iPhoneFree movie on iPhone

Free movie on iPhone, but with ads.

Download Rakuten TV and enjoy free documentaries, series and movies:

Now all that remains is to arm yourself with patience, when they appear, and enjoy the documentary, series, film … that we have selected.

If you are interested, download the app from the link that we leave below.

Download Rakuten TV

We hope you found the application interesting and that you share this article on your favorite social networks and messaging apps. You would help us to continue growing and we would appreciate it from the bottom of our hearts.



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