How to watch free league matches on iPhone and iPad [2020-2021]

How to watch free league matches on iPhone and iPad [2020-2021]

If you want to see matches of each of the days of this atypical 2020-2021 season, we tell you how to see free league matches at iPhone and iPad.

How to watch league games for free from your iPhone and iPad

If you are a fan of soccer and you want to see games of the 2020-2021 season of the Spanish league, you’re in luck. We are going to tell you how to see them FREE from your iPhone and iPad and in a 100% legal way.

Today, there are television platforms that have taken over the rights to the league and do not allow you to watch the football games of the best league in the world, unless you pay.

But thank God, there is a free channel that broadcasts games, totally free, every week. We will tell you everything below.

How to watch free league matches, 2020-2021 season:

By clicking on the following link, you will access the channel that broadcasts each week a open league match.

View FREE matches from iPhone

Watch games for FREE from iPhone

Surely, if you have pressed and you do not see a league game live, it is because the one that that day is assigned to broadcast on that channel is not being played.

To know which broadcast, what day and time, we recommend using an app from the App Store that indicates on the channel that the matches are broadcast, such as the application Soccer TV. In them you can see which game is broadcast openly through Gol TV.

You can also use the option «TV Guide» that appears within the drop-down menu that appears on the website of Gol TV. In it we can navigate to find out which meetings are broadcast live from this platform.

We recommend that you create a direct access to this website and host it on your app screen so that you always have it available. To do this, press, when you are on the web, on the share icon (square with up arrow) and choose the option “Add to home screen”.

So you know, you just have to check which game of the week they broadcast on the channel that we indicate, create a reminder on your device iOS and connect from your iPhone and iPad to see each of the league matches FREE that are broadcast live.

Greetings and we hope you enjoy the best place in the world, from your tablet and mobile.


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