How to view your Game Center profile from iPhone

How to view your Game Center profile from iPhone

We show you how to view the Game Center profile from the iPhone, located in a specific section dedicated to it on iOS.

This is how you can see the Game Center profile in iOS 14

Today we are going to teach you view the Game Center profile. A good way to see all your achievements, the friends you follow and who you can follow.

Game Center that created to share all your achievements in iOS games. From here we can challenge our friends, meet new opponents and above all, see all our scores. The truth is that it is not something we usually use a lot, but Apple places a lot of emphasis on it.

So much so, that within the App Store we have a specific section for it. It is likely that you have not noticed it, and that is why in APPerlas we are going to show you the place where this section is located.

How to view your Game Center profile from your iPhone or iPad

Although it may not seem like it, the process is very simple and in a few seconds we can be viewing our profile without problem. For it, we must go to the app in the App Store and go directly to our profile.

To get to this section, we must follow the same steps that we take to update our applications. Once we are in the section of our profile, we will see that there is a tab with the name of <>.

Game Center 1 profileprofile by Game Center 1

From the App Store we will see our profile

We enter this section and we will see that all our data appear in the games, our friends … In addition, we can see all our achievements ordered by game.

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Among all these options, we also have to configure our privacy, that is, our profile. We can configure it to be private (just friends) or that the whole world can see us. It already depends on what we want.

What is clear is that from this section that we show you, we will have access to all our Game Center content and we can configure them as we want.


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