How to view Twitter images at the highest quality on iPhone

How to view Twitter images at the highest quality on iPhone

We show you the way to see Twitter images at the highest quality from our iPhone and bypass Twitter restrictions.

Twitter at maximum quality

So you can see Twitter photos at the highest quality

Today we are going to teach you view Twitter images at maximum quality. Ideal to be able to see those photos in conditions and not with the low quality with which Twitter converts them.

On more than one occasion we have gone to see an image and even upload it ourselves and we have verified that it does not look quite right. This is due to the understanding carried out by the application so that, among other things, everything goes much faster and does not consume a high amount of mobile data.

But we are going to show you how to avoid this and that at least, in those photos that we see, we can do it at the highest quality.

How to view Twitter images at the highest quality

What we must do is go to the Twitter app. Once here, we look for the image we want to see at the highest quality. It is true that not all of them can be seen like this, because it depends a lot on the way in which we upload the image or on the configuration of each one.

Therefore, we we go to the image, we open it and then we hold it down. Now we see that menu that we already know, in which we are given the option to save the image, to share it … But in this case, we will see that a tab appears with the name of <>.

Twitter at maximum quality 1Twitter at maximum quality 1

Open the image and hold it down

We click on this tab and the image will automatically be loaded at maximum resolution. In this way, we avoid that terrible understanding that Twitter makes.

Keep in mind that this does not work with all photos, since it all depends on the quality with which each one uploads their photos, but you can try the process with all of them.

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