How to view the privacy information of apps before downloading them

How to view the privacy information of apps before downloading them

We show you the way to see the privacy information of the apps before downloading them and thus see what data they obtain from us.

privacy information

So you can see the privacy information of the applications

Today we are going to teach you view the information about the accuracy of the apps. A good way to know what data the applications are going to obtain from us and decide whether to download it or not.

We are always thinking about what data applications obtain from ourselves. And the truth is that it is practically impossible to know, although Apple in this case, makes it really easy for us to obtain said data. In this case, from the App Store itself we can see that information just by entering the app.

So in APPerlas we are going to show you how to see this information, so that you can decide whether to download an app or not.

How to view privacy information for apps

What we must do is very simple, we just have to go to the App Store and look for the app we want to download. When we have it, we open it instead of downloading it, to see all its information, as well as its screenshots.

But in this case, what interests us is much lower than these screenshots, therefore we scroll to the bottom and we will see that there is a section with the name of <>.

privacy information 1 privacy information 1

Enter the App Store and search for the app

Here we will see a brief summary, but also, we can see more information. To do this, click on the tab that we see in blue with the name of <>. Here we will see all the information we want to know, which is neither more nor less than the data that said app is going to collect from us.

And in this simple way, Apple gives us the possibility of knowing more about the applications that we download on our devices.


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