How to view Siri transcripts from your iPhone

How to view Siri transcripts from your iPhone

We show you the way to see the Siri transcripts when we want to consult something or the command we want to send.

Siri transcripts

So you can see on screen what we dictate to Siri

Today we are going to teach you see on screen everything we dictate to Siri. Ideal to know if you are understanding everything we say or not.

In previous versions to iOS 14We saw that when we spoke to Siri, everything we said would appear on the screen. But with the arrival of iOS 14, this has changed and we only see the assistant icon at the bottom. But we can solve this by just activating it.

So as always, in APPerlas we are going to show you step by step how to do it and make everything we talk appear on the screen again.

How to display Siri transcripts

To do this, we must go to the device settings. Once here, we look for the tab <> and click on it. Inside we will find all the available settings of Apple’s virtual assistant.

Within all these settings, the one that interests us is <>. We click on this and enter this new menu that appears.

It will be here where we will see the function we are talking about and the ones that we must activate, both to see what we are dictating to it, and to be what it tells us. This section is divided into two, since we can choose if we only want what we dictate to appear, what Siri tells us … or you loved.

Siri transcripts 1Siri transcripts 1

Enter Siri settings

In this case, we leave it to your choice, since as we always tell you, everything depends on the needs of each one. But what is clear is that if you missed being able to see the text on the screen when we spoke with Siri, this is the way to do it.

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