How to view sensitive content on Twitter from iPhone

How to view sensitive content on Twitter from iPhone

We show you the way to power view sensitive content on Twitter either from your iPhone, as from the iPad… Or from anywhere.

sensitive content on Twitter

So you can see sensitive content on Twitter

Today we are going to teach you to view sensitive content in Twitter. A good way to prevent those messages from appearing that tell us that we are going to see sensitive content and that we can see it or not.

Twitter is not that it prohibits publishing sensitive content, it is that it warns before seeing it. So that we know well what we mean by sensitive content, we refer to those in which scenes of violence, sex … All that time of images appear, that Twitter does not cover, but it does warn us before seeing it.

Well, with this trick, we can see all this content without the need for this message to appear. In this way, the content will be seen as we see any image or video …

How to view sensitive content on Twitter:

What we must do is go to the configuration of our account, but we must access from Safari, since it does not appear from the app itself.

Therefore we access our account from the browser. Once here, we go to the section of Setting and we look for the tab “Privacy & Security”.

sensitive content on Twitter 1content sensitive on Twitter 1

Enter the configuration section

Once here, we will see that new tabs appear, among which is that of “Content you see”. So we click on this …

sensitive content on Twitter 2content sensitive on Twitter 2

Enter the ‘Content you see’ section

Inside we will see the function that really interests us, which is that of “Show multimedia content that may contain sensitive material”.

sensitive content on Twitter 3sensitive content in Twitter 3

Activate the marked function

By activating this function, we will be able to see this content without the need for that message to appear before viewing or directly not let us see anything. So now you know one more Twitter function that is a bit hidden, but in APPerlas We leave it at your fingertips.



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