How to view open Safari tabs on iPad or Mac from iPhone

How to view open Safari tabs on iPad or Mac from iPhone

We show you the way to see all the Safari tabs open on iPad or Mac from the same iPhone and thus switch from one device to another.

So you can see the Safari tabs open on other devices

Today we are going to teach you view open Safari tabs on iPad or Mac from the iPhone. Without a doubt, a great way to see the same content on one device as on another, without having to search again for the content you were watching.

The truth is that Safari has improved considerably over time, today we have a very complete browser. Many are the people who turn to third-party browsers, but the truth is that the native iOS is the most complete that we can find.

Without going any further, we are going to show you a function that for anyone who has an Apple ecosystem, it will come in really handy.

How to view open Safari tabs on iPad or Mac from iPhone

The first thing we have to do is go to the Safari app. Once here and as long as, this is important, in the other devices are connected with the same Apple ID, we can carry out this process.

Now what we do is click on the eyelashes icon, the one that appears in the bottom right. Once we click on it, all the tabs that we have open on this device will appear. But we, what we want to do is see the ones that are open in the rest of the device.

For it, we slide the screen up and we will see that they appear apart. We will see the open tabs of the devices we have, such as the Mac or the iPad …

open Safari tabs 1

Swipe up

Now what you can do is click on any of these and it will automatically open on your device, without having to search for the content again.


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