How to View Headphone Audio Levels on iPhone

How to View Headphone Audio Levels on iPhone

We show you how to see the audio levels of the headphones on the iPhone and know in this way, if it is being harmful.

So you can see the audio levels of your headphones

Today we are going to teach you view headphone audio levels. A good way to know if the level we are having may be damaging us or not.

Apple has focused a lot on the aspect of the health of its users, and has brought it to practically all its devices. So much so, that even headphones care about our health, in this case obviously, they care about our hearing.

So if you want to know if you are damaging your hearing by high levels in your headphones, this is the best way to find out.

How to View Headphone Audio Levels

As we are talking about a health issue, it is clear that the app that we must open is the Health one. Therefore, we go to this app and directly to the section of <> that we see at the bottom right.

Inside, we must go to the section of <>. Where we will find everything related to hearing health, and where we will see the headset, which appears at the top.

audio levels 1audio levels 1

Enter the Health app

Click on this section and we will see the statistics of the last 7 days. With this, we can get an idea of ​​whether we are having higher levels than normal, and obviously, if it is being detrimental to our hearing health.

audio levels 2levels audio 2

See all data

Therefore, if you were unaware of this function, you already have one more reason to start taking care of your ears, since Apple makes it very easy for us once again. And as we have commented, it is becoming one of the leading companies in terms of health in all its devices.


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