How to view Apple TV + content by categories

How to view Apple TV + content by categories

We show you how to view Apple TV + content by categories and thus more easily find the series or movies we want to see.

So you can see all the content of Apple TV + by categories

Today we are going to teach you view Apple TV + content by categories. A great way to find content that may interest us much more.

If something was asked of Apple, it was for its TV app to be much more intuitive. And the thing is that you entered it and you found absolutely everything, paid things, things included in the subscription … In short, it was not organized at all and all users have complained.

This has changed with the arrival of iOS 14.3, since we have a much more intuitive app and we are going to show it to you and how to get the most out of it.

How to view Apple TV + content by categories

As we have commented, the most important thing and what we must do from now on is to update our iPhone. To have this app more intuitive, We must have at least iOS 14.3.

Having this important step, what we do now is enter the app. At first glance, we will see it exactly the same, but if we look at the bottom, we will first see a single section for Apple TV + and another section that is a search engine.

Apple TV + by categories 1Apple TV + by categories 1

Specific section on subscription and categories

In this search engine, it will be where we will find the categories we are talking about. We enter this tab and we will see all the categories into which this app is divided and all the content that Apple offers us.

Now we only have to see the categories that interest us the most and content that really interests us will appear. Without a doubt, a success by Apple that has listened to all its users and has made this app much more intuitive and we do not end up getting mixed up with the included content and the paid content.


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