How to view a restaurant’s digital menu with your iPhone

How to view a restaurant's digital menu with your iPhone

We show you how to see the digital menu of a restaurant with the iPhone and thus not have to ask the waiter to lend us one.

digital letter

So you can see a restaurant’s digital menu from your iPhone

Today we are going to teach you view the digital menu of a restaurant with your iPhone. A good way to see these letters on our device, scanning only the QR code that they provide us.

To this day, it is rare to go to a restaurant and find the menus to see. And it is much more hygienic for each guest to have the menu on their device and can see it from there. To do this, they provide us with a QR code that we must scan with our iPhone. But this is where the complexity comes in for many users.

So since we do not want this to be an impediment for you, we are going to explain step by step how to view these digital letters from your iPhone.

How to view a restaurant’s digital menu with your iPhone

What we must do, first of all, is to activate the QR code reader on our iPhone. This is essential, since iOS natively carries this reader.

Therefore, we activate it following the steps that we already provided you in your day. Once this is done, the process is now very simple, since we will only have to open the camera and focus on this QR code.

digital letter 1letter digital 1

Scan with the camera and click on the link

The link that we must click appears at the top and voila, we will go directly to the menu of the restaurant where we are and without having to have the entire menu in physical format.

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In this way we avoid contagion, since there is not a letter for everyone and it is not always in contact with people. Everyone has the restaurant menu on their device.


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