How to use your Android phone as a mouse in Windows

How to use your Android phone as a mouse in Windows

There are many uses for controlling your PC from a phone. For example, if your trackpad or mouse stops working for some reason, the mobile mouse can help you in an emergency. This article will show you how to use Android phone as a mouse on Windows computers. This will help you scroll through anything on your laptop or PC right from your phone itself.

The application we will be using, Unified remote control, has over 100 advanced features like power on / off, file browsing and custom keyboards in its Pro version. However, the free features of the app are enough to use a phone as a mouse for your computer.

Download Unified Remote Server on Windows

Go to Download link and choose the latest server for your computer. The Unified Remote app supports all versions of Windows from XP and is available for 32 and 64 bit platforms. Besides Windows, the software is also available for Mac (64 bit only), Linux, Raspberry Pi, and Arduino Yún. For Windows, 42 MB of hard disk space is required.

Once downloaded, you can install the server files and skip any add-ons.

Unified remote components of the Android mouse

You need to install driver input simulation for mouse cursor to work from your phone. In addition, you can install the component for the joystick simulation. These instructions are for the trackpad and keyboard on a Windows laptop computer only.

Unified Android Mouse Remote Control DriversUnified Android Mouse Remote Control Drivers

The installation will start after you have selected the driver entries. You will have the option to create a Start menu folder and desktop shortcut while adding firewall exceptions.

Unified Remote Android Mouse ConfigurationUnified Remote Android Mouse Configuration

You may receive a Windows Security Alert when you are about to download an external driver for a keyboard / mouse. Click “Install” to continue.

Unified Windows Remote Security for Android MouseUnified Windows Remote Security for Android Mouse

Once the installation is complete, you can see Unified Remote in your system tray. As the server is not yet started, it will show a “no connection” status. For this, we will install the Android application.

Android Mouse Unified Remote System BarAndroid Mouse Unified Remote System Bar

Install the Unified Remote app on the phone

The Unified Remote app can be downloaded from Play store. It supports all versions of Android.

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Once downloaded, proceed to install the application. It will use a registered Google address to connect to the server.

Android Mouse Unified Remote EmailAndroid Mouse Unified Remote Email

If the server was already activated as shown in the previous section, and the phone and laptop / PC are using the same Wi-Fi connection, you will see a “connected” status.

Android Mouse Unified Remote ConnectedAndroid Mouse Unified Remote Connected

In the next screen, go to “Basic input” to control the mouse and keyboard from the phone. The full version is a paid version with more advanced features.

Basic Android Mouse InputBasic Android Mouse Input

As soon as the following screen appears, you are ready to start your remote browsing activity from the phone itself.

The controls are very easy to use – just scroll your phone screen to mirror the movement of the trackpad / mouse on a laptop or PC.

For a left click, tap with a finger. If you use two fingers, it will result in a right mouse click. To scroll the screen, drag with two fingers. Use pinching to zoom in or zoom out. To slide the laptop screen, long press and move, then press once to slide. All the click features are very intuitive and won’t take long to figure out.

Android mouse action screenAndroid mouse action screen

This tutorial shows how to use the Android touchscreen as a navigation interface for a Windows 10 laptop using Unified Remote. The app works successfully without any delay or loss of connection.

Android mouse controlAndroid mouse control

Other than Unified Remote, you can use other software, Remote mouse, to connect a Windows computer in the same way via an Android application. We have previously shown how it is used to run a Mac through an Android phone.


Sayak Boral
Sayak Boral

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