How to use the new Amazon Prime Video Windows 10 app

How to use the new Amazon Prime Video Windows 10 app

Did you know that Amazon Prime Video now has an official Windows 10 application? It was a silent release, so few people know it; however, it is a great tool for any passionate observer of Amazon Prime Video.

Let’s see how to find the app and what it can do.

Download the Amazon Prime video app for Windows 10

To start, we need to access the Microsoft Store to download the app. It’s very easy to use Windows 10 without accessing Microsoft Store at all, so it’s worth giving a reminder on how to open it.

For the first method, you can access the Microsoft Store by going to official Microsoft site and using the search function at the top right. You can also visit the Amazon Prime Video for Windows page directly to save you a little time.

If you use this method, you can find an Amazon Prime Video app labeled with the word “Xbox”. This is for the Microsoft console, not for your PC. Therefore, you need to find and install the one that ends with “for Windows”.

For the second method, you can type “Microsoft Store” in the Start menu and press Enter.

Amazon Video App Store

Then search for “Amazon Prime Video for Windows” at the top right.

Amazon Video App SearchAmazon Video App Search

How to open the Amazon Prime video app for Windows 10

Now that you’ve installed the app, you can launch it from the store itself. If you want to run the app in the future, you don’t need to restart the store – it’s now an app on your PC. You can find it by typing “Amazon” in the Start menu.

Amazon Video App StartAmazon Video App Start

If you want to speed up this process in the future, right-click the search result in the Amazon Prime Video app, and then pin it to your Start menu or the taskbar.

Amazon video app pinAmazon video app pin

Using the Amazon Prime video app for Windows 10

Now that the app is running, you just need to log into your Amazon account. When finished, you will see the layout of the application.

Amazon Video application libraryAmazon Video application library

The Windows 10 app is a great way to quickly access your Amazon Prime videos. If you’ve pinned it to the Start menu or the taskbar, just click the shortcut to view your library – no website is required. From the app, you can view your recommendations, watch TV channels, and rent movies in the store without having to go to the Prime Video web page.

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When you watch a video, the app will play it in the familiar Amazon Prime video player. You get all the extras you’d expect from Amazon Prime Videos, such as movie anecdotes that tell you more about what you’re watching.

A prime location for Amazon Prime

If you want to speed up the viewing process for your favorite Amazon Prime shows, what could be better than getting the official app? You now know how to download the Amazon Prime Video app for Windows 10 and what to expect once you’ve downloaded it.

With Netflix and Amazon Prime Video both available in the Windows store, you can compare which one is the best and what you get for an Amazon Prime subscription.

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