How to use Safari translator on iPhone or iPad

How to use Safari translator on iPhone or iPad

We show you how to use the Safari translator on the iPhone or iPad and thus be able to see the pages in the language you want.

So you can use the Safari translator

Today we are going to teach you use the Safari translator on the iPhone. A good way to translate those pages that appear to us in English or in another language that is not ours.

When we surf the internet, it is true that we can find practically everything. We have endless possibilities and information. But on many occasions we find pages that are not in our language and that therefore we do not fully know what it says.

That is why Apple gives us the possibility of using its translator in this browser, which is installed natively.

How to use the Safari translator

The process is very simple. We just have to go to that page that we want to translate for us and that’s it. But yes, if our default language is Spanish, we will not be able to go to a website in Spanish and translate it into another language.

Therefore and knowing this, we go to any website that is in a language other than ours. Once there, we will see that an icon similar to the one of the app appears at the top left ‘Translate’.

Safari translator 1

Click on the translator icon

Click on this icon and the translator menu is then displayed. The icon may occasionally appear and disappear quickly. Nothing happens, click on the icon ‘Aa’ that appears and voila. The same menu will be displayed and the translation tab will appear.

translator by Safari 2

Click on the translate button

Click on this tab and automatically our page will be translated into our language that we have configured. In our case it is the ‘Spanish’, that’s why it tells us <>.


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