How to use Goodnotes to better manage your day

How to use Goodnotes to better manage your day

Newspapers are good for the soul. Whether you are a student, teacher, worker, or gamer, knowing what you are supposed to do – or what you did – on any given day can really help reduce work stress in the 21st century. iOS has plenty of note-taking apps, including Apple’s. Goodnotes is another note taking app that lets you take beautiful handwritten notes and organize them all in one place. This tutorial covers creating and importing models in Goodnotes, creating content on top of it, then using the software’s OCR tools to find notes in your pages.


Goodnotes comes with a good selection of cover and page types for everyday use, but adding your own templates, with sections to suit your work, hobby, or other needs, can save you time. time and effort, which means you can spend more time on the actual notes.

Image highlighting the Goodnotes shape tool, which allows you to create crisp lines, circles, and boxes.
Sharp lines are easier with the shape tool.

The easiest way to get started is to create your template in Goodnotes. This means that the page size will be correct and you can also use familiar tools to create your design.

Once you know what’s going on in each page, draw it. I prefer to start with the dotted paper and use the Shape tool to keep my lines and boxes straight.

It helps to know how you like to divide your thinking and how extensive your note-taking will be. For some, one page per week is enough, while people with busier lives may want one page per day with lots of procedural or creative sections. Either way, your model defines your structure, so it’s worth thinking about.

Goodnotes allows multiple templates per notebook, so if you’re a weekly person suddenly hit by a tidal wave of work, you can add a new page, set it to a daily template, and start writing.

When you are happy with your layout, click the Share button and select “Export this page”. Export the page as a PDF somewhere in your file system.

Import and select

Then erase the page and return to the library. Tap the gear icon at the top right of the page and choose “Notepad Templates.”

Image of the import template tool in Goodnotes.Image of the import template tool in Goodnotes.
Create, export and import your model without leaving the application.

The first time you access this section, you will need to tap the “+” icon at the top right and create a new group. Give it a descriptive name, then in this new section hit the Import button, navigate to your PDF and import it.

Back in your notepad, press the “…” icon at the top right and select “Edit template”. Choose your new template and select Apply.

You will have a page that looks like your original design, but the label elements are all fixed. You can start to fill in your sections. The next day, swipe left with two fingers and a new page is created with your template in place, ready to be completed. What’s really interesting about this is that the elements you imported are treated as surface elements by Goodnotes, so when you highlight something, your design elements will appear through the highlight color.

Page links

Depending on how you decide to organize things, favorites can become the most valuable part of your setup. To access your notebook preview, tap the Pages icon at the top left to access your pages grid. At the start of your use, this page will be a bit sparse. As you go through the month, it can get more chaotic, especially if you’re doing one page a day and adding notes based on a project.

Image of Goodnotes toolbars.Image of Goodnotes toolbars.
The Bookmark / Favorites icon in the top toolbar becomes more useful as your notebook grows.

It is a good habit to add a bookmark at the beginning of each week (tap the “Favorites / Bookmarks” icon in the toolbar when you are on this page) and then the next time you access the website. preview, you can touch Favorites and see the start of each week. Of course, you can base your favorites on any criteria, as long as you understand it.

Note: The favorites here relate to the internal structure of a laptop. You can also add individual notebooks to your favorites in the library, which is useful for designating active or archived projects.

Search Tips

As you accumulate notes, effective research becomes more and more important. You can access the search with the icon in the toolbar. As you type your query, the matching words should appear in the menu along with a screenshot of the word. Tap the result to access the page.

Image of the Goodnotes search engine searching for the word Tax.Image of the Goodnotes search engine searching for the word Tax.
Goodnotes does a good job of recognizing my terrible handwriting. There are ways to improve it.

While it does a pretty good job of deciphering even the most terrible scribbles, you’ll find it much more effective if you’ve taken a little care with your handwriting. I have found that zooming in, using a medium thickness pen, and writing in all caps made for more successful searches, but I suspect that mainly because these actions force me to slow down a bit more. handwriting, which means sharper letters.

As good as Goodnotes is, it’s a walled garden, so if you’re working on multiple platforms you might need something a little less Apple-centric. And if you’re a Google fan, Keep is a great app for making your notes habit accessible everywhere and to collaborators.


Andy Channelle
Andy Channelle

Andy Channelle is a writer and web developer who has written for Linux Format, Mac Format, 3D World, and others, and has also published bestselling books on Ubuntu Linux and He recently worked on web projects and campaigns for the International Red Cross and the UN. It produces – but hardly ever publishes – electronics under the name Collision Detector. Andy lives in Wales, UK.

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