The Covid Radar app will be available this September 2020

How to use exposure notifications on iPhone

We show you how to use exposure notifications on the iPhone, this new tool implemented in iOS 13.7

exposure notifications

So you can use the exposure notifications on the iPhone

Today we are going to teach you use exposure notifications. A good tool created by Manzana to know if we have been exposed to the virus or not.

In Spain, our government launched the already known app com Radar Covid. An app that serves as a virus tracker, that is, it will notify us if we have been exposed or not. In addition, Apple, implemented a tool in its system, in conjunction with Google, to make all this easier and above all, much better.

In Apple’s case, this function is called <>. With it, we can be even more aware of this virus and above all, of whether we have been in contact or not.

How to use exposure notifications on iPhone

Something that we have to bear in mind is that the fact that we have this function in our operating system does not mean that we must have the Radar Covid app installed (in the case of Spain).

Therefore, to see these notifications, we must go to the iPhone settings and look for the tab <>.

post 1 notificationsnotifications of exposure 1

Go to settings and find the new tab

Inside, we will see all the related information and a very interesting tab, which is that of our region. Depending on the region we select, it will tell us to install one app or another. We remember that each country has launched its application.

exposure notifications 2exposure notifications two

Find our region and the app we need

In the case of Spain, it refers you to the download of the Radar Covid app. So no matter how much we have this function installed natively, we must download the app that each government indicates to us, in order to have more control over this virus.

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