Deactivate the Walkie-Talkie of the Apple Watch and save battery

How to use Apple Watch Walkie Talkie with AirPods

We show you how to use the Walkie Talkie of the Apple Watch with the AirPods on and thus be able to listen and send the audio.

Apple Watch Walkie Talkie

So you can use the Walkie Talkie of the Apple Watch with the AirPods

Today we are going to teach you how to use the Apple Watch Walkie Talkie with AirPods. A good way to use this function as long as we have the headphones connected to our watch.

The Apple Watch makes our day to day much more productive. And it was unimaginable that such a small device, to which we have so much associated that it only serves to tell the time, would end up making our day to day so productive. We have a watch on our wrist that gives us all the information we want just by looking at it.

In this case, we are going to go a little further and get much more out of it, since we are going to have our AirPods connected to this watch. Ideal if we have music stored on the clock and we want to go for a run, for example.

How to use Apple Watch Walkie Talkie with AirPods

What we must do is the simplest, just we have to connect the headphones to the Watch. To do this, we go to the settings and directly to Bluetooth.

Here we will see our AirPods, we must synchronize them with the clock. When we have it done, we can listen to all the audio from the clock through these headphones. Therefore, when we receive a message by Walkie Talkie, we will listen to it through the AirPods …

the Walkie Talkie of the Apple Watch 1el Apple Watch 1 Walkie Talkie

With the AirPods connected, enter the app to talk

In addition, to answer, it is as simple as doing it as we always do, but this time the microphone of our AirPods will be used. Undoubtedly, a function that very few users knew about, but that can be very useful, as long as we use the Walkie Talkie function in our day to day.

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Also, if you want to know more about this function of the Apple Watch, we leave you a video in which we explain how the Walkie Talkie works …

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