How to update the HomePod and not die trying

How to update the HomePod and not die trying

We show you the way to update HomePod in a really simple way, and thus always have the latest version of this device installed.

So you can update the HomePod

Today we are going to teach you how to update the HomePod. A good way not to miss any news and thus always have the latest version of this smart speaker installed.

The HomePod It is one of the most powerful smart speakers that we can find on the market. If we stop to think, in terms of sound it is a real marvel, but perhaps its virtual assistant weighs it down a bit. And it is that everyone knows that Siri It is not by far what it can be Google assistant, for example.

That is why we always hope that with future updates this will change. And for that to be the case, we are going to show you how to update this device and leave it activated so that it does so automatically.

How to update HomePod:

If we start looking in the iPhone settings, for example, we can see that we have nothing that refers to this device. So if we want to update it, it is really difficult, since we cannot find the place to do it.

To do this, we must go to the app “Home” which is installed by default in ios. Once inside, it is as simple as clicking on the icon that appears at the top left.

Click on the house icon

Click on the house icon

Now we will see some options among which we must click on “House settings”. After pressing, all the configuration of this house and the use we can make of it will appear. But what interests us is the tab that we see below with the name of “Software update”.

HomePod Update

Click on the update tab

We enter and he will only look for if there is an update or not. We can also activate the tab that appears at the top, which tells us if we want automatic updates. In this case, it is the best, so you do not have to go looking for whether or not there are updates available.

Update HomePod automatically

Update HomePod automatically

And in this somewhat complex way, we can update the HomePod to the latest version.



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