How to update an Apple Watch when storage space is low

How to update an Apple Watch when storage space is low

We show you the way to update an Apple Watch when there is a lack of storage space and thus let us update without problem.

So you can update an Apple Watch when space is short

Today we are going to teach you update an Apple Watch when the storage space is full. Without a doubt the definitive way to do it.

If you have tried to update the Apple Watch and you have been getting the message that you cannot, because you do not have enough space on the device, do not worry, all is not lost. We are going to explain step by step how to do it so that you can update it.

So if this is your problem or you want to know how to do it for the future, do not miss anything that we are going to explain to you. Above all, this problem is happening in the Apple Watch Series 3.

How to update an Apple Watch Series 3 when storage space is low

What we must do is restore our device. This is the only solution we have to be able to update without any problem.

Therefore, we go to the Apple Watch settings, either from the watch itself or from the app installed on the iPhone. In this case, we are going to do the example with the iPhone app. So we open it up and go <> and right at the bottom we find the tab <>.

Within this menu we already find the option we need. So we click on << Delete contents and settings >>.

Apple Watch when space is missing 1

Restore Apple Watch completely

Once this is done we will have our watch fully restored and the storage will be as when we took it out of the box. Now we can install the update without any problem. Of course, the important thing here is to know that when we restore the device, we cannot install a backup.

As we mentioned, this is the only way to update your Apple Watch to the latest version, in the event that the message that there is no space appears.


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