How to unsubscribe from Microsoft Office from iPhone

How to unsubscribe from Microsoft Office from iPhone

We show you the way to cancel the subscription of Microsoft Office from the same iPhone and in a matter of seconds, following these steps.

So you can unsubscribe from Microsoft Office

Today we are going to teach you unsubscribe from Microsoft Office. A good way to stop paying for this service or not, in the event that we have enjoyed the first month free.

Today, we have all used Microsoft’s office automation service from time to time. Since it has services that have been around for a long time in our lives and, why not say it, we feel more comfortable with them. With the arrival of this service on iPhone or iPad, we must pay a subscription to be able to use them.

It is at this point that we consider whether to continue using it or use Apple’s. In the event that you are paying a subscription or have subscribed to the free one-month service, keep reading, because we are going to explain how you can cancel it without problems.

How to unsubscribe from Microsoft Office

Well, the process is very simple, as long as you know where the button to cancel the service is located. In this case, we are going to leave you the direct link to do it.

Thus, we access the place where we can cancel the service and we enter our email and password. When we do, we will enter the configuration of our account, and we must look for the first tab that appears, that of <> and click on <>.

Microsoft Office subscription

Microsoft Office subscription

Then, on the screen that appears, click on the button <>. And we follow the steps that indicate us. In this way, we will have already canceled the subscription and we will no longer be able to use this service, when our period ends.

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