How to unsubscribe from Amazon’s Audible, from iPhone

How to unsubscribe from Amazon's Audible, from iPhone

We are going to teach you to unsubscribe from Amazon’s Audible, so that they do not charge you if you are in the trial period or if you want to stop paying the monthly payment. All this from the iPhone or iPad.

How to cancel Audible subscription from iPhone

If you have registered on the platform Audible from Amazon, it may be that the moment comes when you want to unsubscribe for whatever reason. That is why today we show you the steps to do it.

The option is somewhat hidden, as it usually is in these cases, and that is why we are going to leave it well explained in this article.

Interesting to know if you want to try Audible during trial period and avoid paying the monthly fee. You already know that many times the saint goes to heaven and we do not remember to cancel this type of subscription and, when they charge us, that is when we remember them.

How to unsubscribe from Audible:

These are the steps that we must take, from our iPhone or iPad, to unsubscribe from this Amazon audio platform:

  • We go to our web browser, in our case Safari, and we access the web
  • Once on the platform, we access the account with our credentials. Once we are in it, click on the “aA” button that appears on the left side of where the URL of the place we are visiting appears.
  • From the menu that is displayed, click on the option «Website in desktop version».
Desktop version of

Desktop version of

  • Now we click on our profile to choose the option «Account details».
  • This is where we will see the option to cancel the account.
Cancel Audible subscriptionCancel Audible subscription

Cancel Audible subscription

After many questions and offers to retain us, we can successfully finalize the cancellation. If you have done well, you will receive an email from in which you will confirm your withdrawal from the service.

In this simple way you will detach yourself from it forever and you will not receive any payment.



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