How to unsubscribe from Amazon Kindle from iPhone

How to unsubscribe from Amazon Kindle from iPhone

We show you the way to cancel the subscription to Amazon Kindle from our own iPhone or from the iPad itself, without problem.

Kindle subscription

So you can cancel your Kindle subscription

Today we are going to teach you unsubscribe from Amazon Kindle. A good way to unsubscribe this service, in which it is somewhat complicated, since it is a little hidden.

Amazon’s Kindle is like the Netflix for books, and it is that we find an infinity of books that we can enjoy for a small amount of money per month. If we are passionate about reading, without a doubt it is an excellent way to enjoy all the books you like, in a single application.

But the problem comes when we want to unsubscribe this service, since it is a bit tricky how to do it. That is why in APPerlas we are going to leave it very chewy, so you can do it without problem.

How to unsubscribe from Amazon Kindle

If we search a little from the Amazon app, we will see that we find reference to all Amazon services, except for this one.

And it is that although it is an Amazon service, it does not fall within its Premium plan. That is why the cancellation process cannot be done from this app.

But so that we don’t complicate our lives, we We are going to leave you direct access toThe place to which we must go to cancel our service. So we turn to him and we access the place to unsubscribe.

We will have to enter our registration information to access our account. Once inside, all our data will appear and we only have to click on the button that indicates <>.

How to unsubscribe from Amazon Kindle from iPhoneHow to unsubscribe from Amazon Kindle from iPhone

Click on the unsubscribe tab

A tab will appear to cancel the subscription. In our case, it appears that we continue with this subscription, since we have already canceled it.

After all this, we will already have our account canceled and we will not take any scares when they have to pay the monthly payment again.

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