How to unlock the iPhone with the Apple Watch, wearing a mask

How to unlock the iPhone with the Apple Watch, wearing a mask

We show you the way to unlock the iPhone with the Apple Watch, in the event that we wear the mask and we cannot.

So you can unlock the iPhone with the Apple Watch

Today we are going to teach you unlock iPhone with Apple Watch. A great way to use the device even with the mask on.

We have asked Apple a lot to find a solution to be able to unlock the iPhone when we wear the mask. The truth is that we have seen hundreds of tricks on the Internet, even we have shown you a tutorial in which we explain how to do it.

But it seems that Apple has finally listened to us and we already have an official form. Yes, we are going to need a Apple watchIf not, you will not be able to do anything.

How to unlock iPhone with Apple Watch

Although this is a function that has come out due to COVID, the truth is that it could come to stay. If you have a Mac and an Apple Watch, you will know what we are talking about. The function is exactly the same.

First of all, we must activate this function, which by default is deactivated. To do this we go to the iPhone settings and go to the tab << Face ID and code >>. And we enter, to later activate the next tab …

As you can see in the image, it is necessary that both the iPhone and the Apple Watch are in the latest version. Otherwise it will not work.

Once activated, We can now unlock our iPhone with the Apple Watch. When we do, we will see that a message appears on the clock screen that tells us that the iPhone has been unlocked with that clock.

We will always be able to do this, unless you turn off the iPhone and turn it on again. In this case, as with Face ID, it will ask us to enter the code. But from that moment on, every time we want to unlock, it will be done automatically with our watch.

A function that, as we mentioned at the beginning, is great for us in these times, but that we hope has come to stay forever.


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