How to UNLOCK iPHONE without pressing the Home button

Unlock iPhone without pressing the Home button. An option that is deactivated and that is somewhat hidden.

Unlock without pressing the HOME button

Unlock without pressing the HOME button

New tutorial to learn how configure iPhone to your liking. Today we are going to teach you Unlock iPhone without pressing the Home button. That is, simply by posing the fingerprint on the button.

Naturally, when unlocking the device, apart from asking us for the fingerprint, we must also press the button home so that we can access our home screen. Something we can avoid since iOS It allows us to unlock the terminal, only, by putting our fingerprint on the start button.

If you want to unlock iPhone without pressing any button, it is recommended that you also have the option of «Lift to activate«, Activated.

We teach you how to do it. In just 2 minutes you will get it.

How to unlock iPhone and iPad without pressing the Home button:

What we must do is go to the settings of our device, in which we want to make the modification and go to the section of Accessibility.

Once we are in this section we have to find a tab that says “Start button”.And click on it.

Home button optionsHome button options

Home button options

We access a new menu in which we can modify our menu homeas well as the reaction speed. But what interests us is that you do not ask us to press this button when unlocking. Therefore we must activate the option “Place your finger to open”.

Activate the option Place your finger to openActivate the option Place your finger to open

Activate the option Put your finger to open

In this way, when we want to unlock the device, it will no longer ask us to press this button, just by putting our fingerprint we will access the home screen, as long as we have the option «Lift to activate«, Activated. If we have it disabled, we must press the power button or Home, to turn on the screen and allow access to unlock.

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You already know the solution. Obviously, this function is only available for devices that have Touch ID.

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