How to unlock iPhone with Apple Watch when wearing a mask

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It has been revealed that the IOS 14.5 beta will solve the unlocking of the iPhone when we wear a mask. A function that you will need from Apple watch to execute the safe unlock of the smartphone.

Unlock iPhone with Apple Watch

Since the pandemic arrived, the use of mask to avoid contagion between people. This was a severe blow to the security system that Manzana used in many of its iPhone, the Face ID. The device, not being able to recognize our face well, prevents us from unlocking it in the most comfortable way that exists, which is by scanning our face, forcing us to enter the unlock code.

We have made several articles explaining effective ways to unlock iPhones with a mask. The method that we have linked to at the beginning of the post is the most conventional and usually works, although it often fails. We also teach you to unlock iPhone with voice, a “trick” is something more elaborate and works quite well.

But both “solutions” are not sufficiently effective, interactive and enjoyable to use and therefore Manzana just launched in the Beta iOS 14.5 the way to unlock it using your smart watch.

How to unlock iPhone with Apple Watch. wearing a mask:

First of all we must advise that this new function appears in a Beta version of iOS. This means that it is in the testing phase and that it can be published when its public version is released, canceled or even postponed to launch in other versions of iOS.

Yes Manzana sees it opportune and launches this novelty with the final version of iOS 14.5, to unlock the iPhone with the Apple watch we are obviously going to have to update our mobile to that version iOS and the Apple watch to version watchOS 7.4.

Once we have them installed, to activate this novelty we must do the following, enter the settings of the iPhone and go to Face ID to activate the function “Unlock with Apple Watch”.

Option to unlock the iPhone with the Apple Watch

Option to unlock the iPhone with the Apple Watch. (Image:

From now on, when the Face ID the phone detects that you are wearing a mask, having the Apple watch unlocked on your wrist, with the screen active and close to the phone will make the iPhone it is safely unlocked.

It is something similar to unlocking the Mac with the clock of Manzana.

A novelty that many of us hope will come true and accompany the version iOS 14.5 due out in the next few weeks.



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