How to UNLOCK iPhone with a mask or gloves thanks to your voice

How to UNLOCK iPhone with a mask or gloves thanks to your voice

We are going to tell you how unlock iPhone with mask or gloves on, thanks to your voice. The device will recognize the secret word or phrase you say to it and unlock it without removing your mask or gloves.

Unlock iPhone with a mask or gloves

Surely you have ever seen yourself in the position of unlocking the iPhone and when wearing a mask (iPhone with Face ID) or gloves (iPhone with Touch ID), you couldn’t do it and you had to enter the password. Today, in one of our iOS tutorials, we are going to unlock it with your voice and avoid having to enter the password or remove those accessories.

The operating system of our devices is much more configurable than many people imagine. That is why, many times, when people who have use Android they say that iOS It is a little customizable system, it makes us laugh.

Next we are going to show you a configuration that will surely come with pearls.

How to unlock the iPhone with a mask or gloves, by voice:

In the following video we show you how to do it. We teach you step by step, how to configure the iPhone so that it is unlocked when we say the word or phrase we want. If you are more to read, below we explain it in writing:

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Why make him iPhone unlock by voice, do the following:

  • Access the route Settings / Accessibility / Voice control.
  • A menu will appear where we must click on the option “Customize commands”.
  • Once inside we access “Personalized” and click on «Create new command …».
  • In option “Sentence” We put the word or phrase with which, when saying it, we want to unlock the device.
  • After writing it, click on the button “Action” and then in “Execute custom gesture”. This is the most technical part. We will have to press on the screen, more or less, where the numbers of our unlock code are. This will make that when saying the phrase or word, those keystrokes are executed and they press, on the unlock keyboard, our code numbers.
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Now we can test it, not without first activating the “Voice control” that is activated from Settings / Accessibility / Voice control or you can create a quick function to access your activation more quickly.

After activating the function, put on your mask or gloves and try to unlock it. If you cannot, the keyboard will appear to enter the code. At that moment, say the word or phrase that you have configured to unlock the iPhone… MAGIC!!!.

Create a location automation on iOS:

If you already want to curl the curl and make the voice control activate every time you leave the house and deactivate it when you arrive, again, at your home, create a automation from the Shortcuts app.

We hope this great trick has been useful to you and, you know, we encourage you to share it on your favorite social networks and messaging apps.


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