How to turn on the color balance feature on Apple TV

How to turn on the color balance feature on Apple TV

If you have a Apple tv this article is going to come to you in pearls. We are going to teach you how to configure the function Color balance that we have available, in the device settings, since the launch of tvOS 14.5.

Set the color balance on Apple TV

This new feature is available for the 2nd Gen Apple TV 4K, Apple TV 4K and the Apple TV HD. If you are the owner of one of these Apple devices, we are going to explain to you, below, what color balancing is for and how it is configured.

This new setting allows us to calibrate the color and contrast of our television automatically. Using the front camera of the iPhone, the calibration is automatic and will offer us the best combination for our television.

How to enable color balance on Apple TV:

In order to access this function we must access the Settings app of our Apple tv. Once inside the settings, we select «Video and Audio» and clicking on “Color balance”, in the section Calibration, the new function will use the iPhone front camera to match the color shown on the Apple tv, with the industry standard specifications used by cinematographers.

Color balance option

Color balance option

With these data, the ‌Apple tv‌ adapts video output to deliver more accurate colors and improved contrast without the need to adjust the TV settings manually.

In order to use this function we have to update the Apple tv to tvOS 14.5 or higher. It is also necessary that the iPhone is updated to iOS 14.5, or higher, and requires a iPhone with Face ID.

Without further ado and hoping that you have found this article interesting, see you shortly with more news, tutorials, tricks, apps … to get the most out of your devices. Manzana.



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